Transportation Planning and Policy

  • Guided the City of Greensboro response to a $40 million USDOT Smart Cities Challenge grant that will redefine how the city uses technology such as driverless cars, Connected Vehicles, and Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs), to revolutionize how people travel.
  • Engaged on a national study evaluating right-of-way construction costs. Study findings will be used to update cost factors in the Federal Highway Adminstration (FHWA) Highway Economic Requirements System (HERS) model.
  • Developed a report to evaluate how emerging data collection technologies could be used to support planning functions for the Federal Highway Adminstration (FHWA).
  • Data collection and analysis during Transit Cooperative Research Program (Report 145). Evaluated potential to implement multimodal alternatives (BRT, Light Rail, Heavy Rail & Commuter Rail) on underutilized existing freeway corridors.

Transportation Modeling and Forecasting

  • Developed and calibrated travel demand forecasting models in CUBE for Sonoma (Wine) County, Kings County, Pleasanton, and Contra Costa Transportation Agency in California.
  • Designed passenger travel surveys (Revealed and Stated Preference) to calibrate mode-choice model in a nationwide travel demand model. The nationwide intercity travel demand model forecasts the automobile, commercial air, general aviation and very light jet person-trips between 3091 counties in the United States up to the year 2025.

Traffic Operations

  • Developed a congestion monitoring solution for the City of Greensboro in North Carolina. Synthesized four years of 30 second roadway link based travel time data (from cellphone probes) to develop historical hourly congestion map for the city. Developed custom database library in Microsoft SQL, used DotSpatial library to build mapping interface, and Microsoft Visual Studio to integrate information into a visual interface.
  • National Cooperative Hightway Reserach Program project: revised the 2010 Highway Capacity Manual traffic signal analysis method to develop plans responsive to variability in both demand and capacity. Developed software for methodology (NCHRP 3-97).
  • Developed a procedure to calibrate volume delay functions from systems loop detector data for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT). Used the procedure to generate a routine to continually monitor road network in Los Angeles for congested corridors. Intergrated results into ESRI ArcGIS interface.

Transportation Research

  • Developed an Electronic Resources Library (ERL) for the Airport Cooperative Research Progam of the Transportation Research Board. Assembled content for Library, developed custom open-source content management database for the content, and an internal search engine for the database. Built graphical user interface to enable users enter queries and retrieve documents from the ERL.
  • US High Speed Rail Framework: conducted a review of international experience with high-speed rail projects to develop recommendations for a High-speed rail policy framework for the United States for the Mineta Transportation Institute.
  • Contributed to data collection and analysis for Strategic Highway Research Program 2 (SHRP2 L03). A foundation study to define travel time reliability and recommend reliability measures derived from travel time distributions.

Data Management and Visualization

  • Technical study, involving scan of activity at selected US Seaports, data collection of activity at the Ports, development of reports on the Ports, and synthesis of information into an Electronic Resource Library for the US Coast Guard. Work performed as a sub-contractor to E-ternational.
  • Used video logs of of vehicle movements at the curbsides of Oakland Airport, San Francisco Airport, and Washington Dulles Airports to calibate a queuing model for vehicle movements around airport curbsides (ACRP Report 40).
  • Developed Airport Choice Model for General Aviation (GA) airports. Model predicts number of GA aircraft operations from 5000+ airports in the United States.

Software and Statistical Programming

  • Transportation packages include but not limited to Synchro, Traffix, Parmics, Vissim, Cube, TransCAD, etc.
  • Programming in MS Access, Matlab, SAS, SPSS, GIS, C++, C#, Java.
  • IPhone Application Development.